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For Couples

Our friends and family are our village.


They are your Day Circle.  


Family and friends never want to see their loved ones struggle financially at the start of their married lives. 

At Our Day Circle™, together, couples and friends can break this debt cycle by helping to contribute toward a venue or videographer, to lessen the cost of the couple's wedding. Couples and their circle should think of this like a monetary wedding registry, which goes toward the actual celebration.


Friends and family feel great contributing because it goes straight to the vendor. The couples never sees any of the funds.




  • Sign up

  • Setup your wedding campaign

  • Upload your vendor information

  • OD Circle team member will review your application

  • Create Couples profile


●   Couples will share their link to send to their circle.  (Link can also be added to Evites and “Save the Date” cards.) 


  • See your gifts come in and send them to your vendors. 

  • Funds will be sent directly to vendors of choice, so you'll have one less thing to worry about.

  • Enjoy your special day!!!

For Vendors

We believe that small businesses are the heart and soul of all economies.

Our Day Circle wants to get more couples married and more wedding businesses to make these dreams come true.

The guests support not only their couples but also the businesses that they used  

Know a couple that can benefit from “Our Day Circle™?”  


Invite them to join the platform today.


Once they have joined, they will be able to build their wedding campaign to help fund their wedding, which means funding you. 



If a couple adds your company as their vendor, you will be asked to create an account.  This way, once they are done with their Wedding Campaign, we can send it to you by direct deposit, or you can opt for us to mail you a check.

For Guests

Many couples go into debt to have their dream wedding.


Debt makes the start of any marriage difficult when already dealing with student loans and credit card bills.

Up to 41% of marriages fail due to finances. And we know that loved ones don’t want to see a new couple's downfall and would be happy to help.  


At Our Day Circle™, we have created this debt-free wedding option as a way for couples to raise wedding funds toward the start of a healthy marriage. Let’s get this couple off to a great start!




  • ODC Couples understands that not everyone can contribute, and that is okay. Just by going to their wedding is a sign that they are truly loved and have your presence to celebrate their union.

  • Couples never get the money, unless you send a check on your own, directly to them. All funds go to the vendor, e.g., venues, caterers, bakers, photographers, videographers, florists, etc. 

  • Should the wedding get canceled, you will get all but our service and merchant fee back. 

  • Should the wedding get canceled, and you do not want the money returned, you can wish for your contribution (minus our fees) to be sent to the couple. 

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