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While Making New Ones

to Our Day Circle, where getting married is not only a dream but a reality. At “Our Day Circle” We are breaking traditions while helping you make new ones ™.” 


Your wedding is your special day! Enjoy
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Planning your


should be a beautiful experience.



that doesn't 

mean going into debt!

Remember your

Friends & 


never want you to struggle as you start a new life w/ your partner.


Get Married

with ease while supporting small businesses.

Our Day Circle - crowdfund your wedding

Getting married 

doesn't have to be a


No one should have to take out a loan or max out their credit cards to get married. Use your circle of those who love you to start your life without debt.”  


Couples and their circle should think of this like a monetary wedding registry, which goes toward the actual celebration.

our day circle - crowdfund your wedding.


 we want to see more couples getting married because they have the support and less worry about debt the day after their wedding.


Our Day Circle - crowdfund your wedding
Plan and celebrate your wedding with Our
Celebrate your wedding at ourdaycircle.c

Matched. Made in heaven.

Celebrate Love!

“Support your friends and family, but feel confident knowing that your contribution for their special day is going to their vendor. Not only are you supporting your family member or friend, but you’re helping to keep these small businesses in business. Go You!” 

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